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How do I get to live in a Residential Park?

If you want to live in a residential park you'll need to consider whether you wish to buy a new home to be sited in the residential park, a pre-loved home already sited in the residential park or whether you wish to rent a home already sited in the residential park. Please bear in mind that not all Residential Parks have park owned homes which are available for rent.

If you are not dealing directly with the park owner, you also need to bear in mind that you will require the park owners consent before you can lawfully occupy a site.

There are some residential park operators that will allow you to bring a home you have purchased elsewhere into their residential park. However, in most instances you would generally need to buy from an existing resident or buy directly from the park operator.

If you are proposing to purchase a pre-loved home, you should include a condition precedent in the purchase contract that the purchase is conditional upon the park operator agreeing to enter into a new site agreement with you or consenting to the assignment of the existing residential site agreement.

Whether you propose buying a new home yet to be sited or a pre-existing home already sited in a residential park, remember it's still the same basic principle as buying bricks and mortar - Buyer Beware!

We recommend that you consider whether the home and the residential park will meet your needs and make sure you review the parks operating licence and the community map. In addition, you should make sure you consider the terms of the residential site agreement and any applicable park rules. If in doubt, have your solicitor or conveyancer cast an eye over the documents and the proposed purchase agreement. If you are buying a pre-loved home you should consider getting a building and pest inspection report.

In New South Wales, the park owner is required to make certain disclosures to a prospective resident and is also required to provide responses to mandatory questions and answers.

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