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What do I need to know about residential park living?

The rights and responsibilities of park owners and residents alike are explained in detail in the residential park living booklets issued by State government departments referred to further on. The following is a basic snap shot of things that you should know:

Your right to occupy the residential premises (this may be a site only or home and site) are documented in a residential tenancy agreement.
The residential tenancy agreement is largely a prescribed form of agreement which includes standard terms and conditions, but which may also include additional conditions, which are negotiable.
You will be required to pay a weekly or fortnightly fee in advance for occupation of the site or the home and site (if you rent both).
In addition to the site fee, you may be required to pay for utilities, if supplied by the park owner and if they are separately metered.
The majority of residential parks also have park rules which provide for additional things that you need to comply with. These generally relate to common sense matters and offer residents additional protections having regard to the close living nature of residential parks. The types of things which park rules can cover are generally mandated by law.
Residents have the right to associate and should consider, if they do not already have one, establishing a residents committee or electing resident representatives to a liaison committee, to put their view to park management.
Your residential tenancy agreement may be terminated if both parties agree, or if you or the park owner seek to do so in accordance with the requirements of the relevant tenancy legislation.
Disputes between a park owner and the resident can be determined by a statutory tribunal, which has similar powers and functions to a Court. If you wish for a dispute to be resolved in this manner, you must ensure that you apply before the expiry of any relevant timeframe. The relevant tribunal in NSW is the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal, in Victoria it is the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and in Queensland it is the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association provides an online service known as the Parks and Village Service (PAVS), which provides useful fact sheets relevant to residential park living in New South Wales.

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