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What is a Residential Park?

Residential Parks come in many different shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, a residential park is a land lease community where the resident lives in a manufactured home or relocatable home and pays rent to the owner of the land or owner of the home. In the majority of cases the resident will own their home and pay a site fee for use of the site.

Residential Parks also include common areas, facilities and amenities for the personal comfort, convenience and enjoyment of residents. The level of facility and amenity can vary considerably between parks.

Residential Parks are residential villages which can accommodate residents in a variety of housing styles. They can cater exclusively for manufactured homes, relocatable homes, mobile homes, cabins or caravans and annexes or a mixture. Newer residential parks tend to cater exclusively to residents of manufactured homes.

Some Residential Parks are exclusively for permanent home owners, whilst others provide for those that wish to rent a home and a site. Lastly, some residential parks provide for a mix of permanent residents and tourism.

They are also known by a variety of other names including: lifestyle villages, manufactured home estates, relocatable home parks and mobile home villages.

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