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Why do people choose to live in Residential Parks?

There are many different reasons why people may choose to live in a residential park. For some, it is an affordable housing option, which allows them to have a low maintenance home for less cost than traditional bricks and mortar options in the same locality. For others it's an affordable retirement option which can be cheaper than retirement village equivalents.

There are also those that choose residential parks for the lifestyle benefits. Residential parks are often caring communities similar to small country towns and can include a range of facilities and amenities that residents might not otherwise be able to afford. These can include: tennis courts, bowls greens, swimming pools, libraries, gyms, and community centres offering a range of snooker, pool, indoor bowls, foxtel and free internet access.

Many Residential Parks often have active social clubs, mens' sheds, arts and crafts groups or other interest groups for like-minded individuals.

They are a particularly popular retirement option for seniors because unlike retirement villages there is generally no stamp duty payable, no ongoing rates and taxes, no exit fees and no sinking funds to pay for. In addition, residents (including home owners) may be eligible for Commonwealth rent assistance to subsidise their rent.

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